Web News Brief 7

Tell your kids, there are more and more ways to make a career out of video games! They could become game designers; they could also play games all the time (or observe other people doing so) for academic research. — Anne CollierWeb News Brief 7 (Net Family News)

Tell your kids — maybe it’s not quite that simple.

It’s interesting to see how the general public is constructing this field — and of course this helps me see what to expect when I start publicizing my “Game Culture and Theory” course for next January.

While it’s important to choose an academic field that you enjoy, I spend far more of my (limited) research time reading scholarly works and writing up my own research, than I spend playing games or watching others play games. And playing a game for fun is a different kind of activity than playing a game because you’re about to write a paper about it. When you’re about to give a talk on Adventure, you want to be sure you don’t confuse the crystal bridge that appears when you wave the rod and the rickety wooden bridge that collapses when a bear crosses it. (I’m happy to say I caught that mistake before I delivered my paper, but only because I had the game with me on my PDA during the train ride…)