Princeton Video Game Conference

The conference provided a compressed picture of some of the intellectual
activity going on in video game studies today. In a short summary, it was clear
that early attempts to define the discipline or ague against a sort of “academic
colonization” were hopeless. The ideas flowing into the area of video game
studies from all quarters hold great promise to energize the notion of studying
something as banal as video games. The literary critics were not going to leave
our beloved game world, I discovered. Then again, neither were the musicians,
lawyers, cultural studies folk, computer science departments or anyone else.

The fact I gathered over and over again at the conference, and one I think
that has been missed in the past, is that the variety of people studying
games’even those who don’t happen to call themselves “ludologists”‘still share a
common passion and pioneering spirit that all gamers have. Yes, even those
literary critics care about games. —David Thomas

Princeton Video Game Conference (