Vegas 'Trek' attraction could revive franchise

The day is saved when the Enterprise arrives, along with its commander, Adm. Janeway (Kate Mulgrew (news)), and the doctor (Robert Picardo (news)) from the “Star Trek: Voyager” TV series.
Vegas ‘Trek’ attraction could revive franchise (Hollywood Reporter)

Urk! Since when did Janeway command the Enterprise? Her ship is the Voyager.

The technical details of this attraction are enough to freak your inner geek: “Kasanoff and Johnsen assert that it is the first “Star Trek” production to be shot digitally; the first all-digital motion picture to incorporate live action and animation within a 3-D cinema environment; the first multiple-angle 3-D cinema production with 3-D effects from the front, overhead and both right and left sides of the participant; the first time a Steadicam has ever been used in a digital 3-D production; and the first worldwide attraction to use 2K digital cinema projection, which produces the highest-resolution digital projection commercially available.”