Does Background Music Impact Computer

The effects of music on performance on a computer-mediated problem-solving task were examined. Participants completed the task in anonymous dyads as they were exposed to either Classical music, Punk music, or No Music. Results indicate that those in the Classical music condition performed better on the problem solving-task than those in the Punk music or No Music conditions. However, those listening to the Classical music offered more off-task comments during…


Name that Candy Bar

Can you identify the candybar by looking at the cross section? Make a guess and click on the cross section to find the answer. —Name that Candy Bar (Science Museum of Minnesota) I gave up chocolate for Lent, so naturally I’m tormenting myself on this site. Via Page’s Page.

If the limos were for high scores (SAT not football)

The first student chooses State University. Immediately, word spreads across campus, and high-fives are exchanged all around. “She’s a fine young woman,” exclaims a top university official. “And what stats! A 1520 on the SAT. A 4.0 GPA, including several advanced placement courses. She will boost the status of our chemistry department in a way that no one has for years!” At the crosstown rival, they’re stunned. “We did all…