Classic Infocom Games via AOL Instant Messenger

If you have an AOL Instant Messenger account, send an IM to InfocomBot or InfocomBot2. I set up an automated bot to play classic Infocom text adventure games from your favorite IM client, T-Mobile Sidekick, or any other device that connects to AIM. It supports “save” and “restore” commands, so you don’t need to lose your place. —Classic Infocom Games via AOL Instant Messenger (Waxy) A great link… thanks for the…


Modelling and scaffolding expert thinking

Dennis Jerz, professor at Seton Hill University presented a paper on the history of Adventure, which I believe is acknowledged as the first text-based computer adventure game. I found many concrete suggestions in Jerz’s presentation for those of us looking to develop software to teach expert bodies of knowledge. —Modelling and scaffolding expert thinking  (The Dancing Sausage)

Technorati's Speech Bubble Icon

—Technorati’s Speech Bubble Icon (Technorati) What Technorati used to call its “Link Cosmos” appears to have been replaced by “Web Conversations.” The speech bubble icon that calls up a list of inboud links referencing a particular website is now part of the Technorati logo. Much less new-agey, much more down-to-earth. I haven’t time to investigate that just now, but I thought I’d note it. At first glance, it looks like Technorati…