Crutches, Pills, Insomnia, and Oversleeping

Crutches, Pills, Insomnia, and OversleepingJerz’s Literacy Weblog)

I had every intention of getting up this morning to attend several presentations at the writing center conference that took place here at Seton Hill this weekend. My wife called me at the office last night… (she’s in Texas visiting her parents). It turns out my son is on crutches (he jumped off a bed and may have chipped a bone) and while everyone was dealing with him, my daughter got her mommy’s purse, unzipped it, took out a package of Sudafed, and seems to have swallowed three pills (nobody saw her do it, but she said Mommy’s “candy” was “tasty”).

I turns out everyone is fine — the poison control center said that she could’ve taken up to six before they got worried. Still, we’re all rather stressed by the whole incident… we were up late last night talking, and I didn’t hear my alarm this morning.