Laughter, Freedom and Humor

Gelotology-(root word, gelos (gr) meaning “laughter”) is the psychological study of laughter. More and more, scientists are beginning to realize the value of laughter on a physiological level. For instance, laughter reduces levels of certain stress hormones and contributes to overall strengthening of the immune system. As the field of gelotology grows, practicing “laughter clubs” have grown around the world. Hearts lighten, souls lift, the laughter multiplies, but what is a laugh and why I am relating it to The Secret Life of Bees? —Anthony GigliottiLaughter, Freedom and Humor (Allow Me to Explain)

My EL 267 class really enjoyed Tony’s oral presentation on Thursday. The next evening, I ate in the cafeteria with three students from the class; they were quite punchy (it being Friday night) and making a lot of noise. When one apologized, I noted that, with my wife and kids in Texas visiting grandparents, my house has been so quiet that I found myself naturally drawn to the loudest table in the cafeteria. An they credited their laughter to Anthony’s presentation — as well as a midnight encounter with a Mariachi guitar player… well… I guess you had to be there.

At any rate, a great post — one that I wouldn’t have been able to share with you if it had been a PowerPoint presentation.