Blog Three Hundred Four [Blogs and CCCC]

A new development in composition appears and those interested in that development use CCCC as a place to find each other, to learn just how much interest exists in the new development. Often the SIG tries to map the field, figuring out what’s in and what’s not, trying to locate the work in relation to other work.

For instance, in 2001, we indexed 32 sessions under the heading “Internet/Web,” but the term blog (or even weblog) never occurred. Lots of “cyber” and “virtual” and “digital”, but no blog. So blogs seem to be new–and some of us think they could be important for courses in first-year composition. —John LovasBlog Three Hundred Four [Blogs and CCCC] (A Writing Teacher’s Blog)

A very informative post, not just about the growth of blogs in the rhet/comp field, but also about the structore of the 4Cs (the big annual conference for writing instructors).