ClassicNote on A Streetcar Named Desire

Blanche tells Mitch about her husband. They were only teenagers when they married. The boy was beautiful, sensitive, and talented. She eloped with him, not realizing that the boy needed her help. She “discovered” his secret in the worst possible way: she found him in bed with someone else. Afterward, everyone pretended that nothing had happened. —Eddie BoreyClassicNote on A Streetcar Named Desire (Gradesaver)

This is the perfect example of why relying on cheaters’ websites isn’t going to help you very much. This watered-down plot summary doesn’t mention that Blanche’s husband was in bed with another man.

While it may have been the opinion of most of the theatre goers in the 1940s that a homosexual needed “help,” the fact that this summary doesn’t mention Tennesee Williams’s own homosexuality means this summary is ignoring a heck of a lot of complexity.