Out of Hollywood, Rising Fascination With Video Games

Computer games represent one of the fastest-growing, most profitable entertainment businesses. Making movies, by contrast, is getting tougher and more expensive, now costing, with marketing fees, an average of $103 million a film. That is one reason, among others, that those with power in Hollywood are avidly seeking to get into the game business while also reshaping standard movie contracts so they can grab a personal share of game rights.–Laura…

Yahoo Launches Soul-Search Engine

“Capable of navigating the billions of thoughts, experiences, and emotions that make up the human psyche, the new Yahoo soul-search engine helps users find what’s deep inside them quickly and easily,” Yahoo CEO Terry Semel said. “All those long, difficult nights of pondering your place in this world are a thing of the past.” —Yahoo Launches Soul-Search Engine (The Onion — Will Expire)


After some discussion all the outstanding issues in game studies had been settled.

—After some discussion all the outstanding issues in game studies had been settled. (Barry Atkins | Yahoo! Photos) A great collection of cartoons… I do wish the captions were searchable. This one about a deep space anomaly is also good. Atkins is the video game scholar whose talk at the Princeton video game conference, amplified by weblog reports (including mine) and further amplified by readers commenting on those weblog reports, touched…