Playmobil Security Checkpoint

—Playmobil Security Checkpoint (Playmobil||Metafilter) I’m not sure what I think of this. It’s far better than plastic grenades to strap around your waist. By the way, the site designers make it extremely hard to link to an internal page… I guess they don’t want much inbound traffic. Link goes to MetaFilter’s page on the subject.

Draining the Language out of Color

Back in the 1960s a model of color vision propounded by the late Russell L. De Valois, a Berkeley psychologist, had been interpreted as establishing that the categories red, yellow, green and blue were hardwired into the brain. That interpretation, however, fell apart after the model failed to predict the mix of frequencies that the eye perceives as “pure” colors (for instance, the model did not explain why the reddest-looking…