The Blogosphere: All Grown Up Now

Much of the Blogosphere’s current claim to fame, of course, has to do with its outward criticism of already established individuals and institutions. Blogs have been responsible for keeping Big Media on its toes and correcting common errors, misjudgments and mischaracterizations that have been spread by Big Media regarding various important stories and issues. Blogs have also been responsible for taking on powerful individuals for their errors of judgment. The…


Teaching Online Journalism: How to Build the First College-Level Course

You may feel excitement or dread — or a combination of the two — if you have been charged with creating a new course about online journalism. It’s a tall order, and as you try to decide what to include in the course, you’re likely to wish you had at least three semesters in which to cover everything. —Mindy McAdams —Teaching Online Journalism: How to Build the First College-Level Course (Online…


Woman sues bar

A Greensburg woman who celebrated her 21st birthday at a Hempfield Township bar and later broke seven teeth after falling from a vehicle in a drunken stupor filed a lawsuit Monday against the bar. —Woman sues bar (Tribune-Review) According to her lawyer, “At one point, she asked for water, and they gave her another (alcoholic) drink. I think that’s terrible.” There’s something else that’s terrible, here… can you spot it?


Talking to your car becoming natural

Voice recognition systems have come a long way in the last decade and are used in places like call centres, home PCs and even mobile phones. Dashboards are becoming the hub of the car But over the next 10 years, we could even be holding virtual conversations with the car dashboard. —Richard Taylor —Talking to your car becoming natural (BBC)


Airline Meals

—Airline Meals ( It’s been so long since I’ve actually been served a meal on an airplane… Golly, I wish there were a website that had a retrospective of airlime meals from the 70s, 80s and 90s, an index of movies in which in-flight meals were featured, and an archve of thousands of photos of airline meals. Well, what do you know…Thanks, Rosemary.