The Blogosphere: All Grown Up Now

Much of the Blogosphere’s current claim to fame, of course, has to do with its outward criticism of already established individuals and institutions. Blogs have been responsible for keeping Big Media on its toes and correcting common errors, misjudgments and mischaracterizations that have been spread by Big Media regarding various important stories and issues. Blogs have also been responsible for taking on powerful individuals for their errors of judgment. The crucial role blogs played in causing former Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott to step down from his position after making comments that were perceived as racially insensitive and nostalgic for a time in which bigotry towards African-Americans was the order of the day remains notable for all those who have kept close tabs on the development of the Blogosphere. —Pejman YousefzadehThe Blogosphere: All Grown Up Now (Tech Central Station)

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