Unnaturally Speaking

In Dragon’s Looking Glass world, inanimate objects speak in tongues; cups, saucers, hammers, and styrofoam are endowed with the gift of speech; and the babble of a brook is literal, not metaphorical. It’s personification (and heteroglossia) taken to an extreme. It strikes me that this peculiar propensity for hearing the cacophony of voices in anything capable of generating friction has potential artistic application. I think of the sounds of a painting or etching or collage coming into being: fresh paint slapped with the flick of the brush onto taut canvas, acid eating away at a metal plate, paper torn and cut and pasted. Filtered through Dragon, these sonic waves become the choral voices of the atelier. —Unnaturally Speaking (accidentals and substantives)

Dragon’s Naturally Speaking is voice-to-text software. I used it one semester when my carpal tunnel syndrome was killing me.

Here’s the text Dragan thought it heard when the author colored a plastic plate with marker strokes:

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