Part-time professors, in demand, fill many distance-education faculties

Because she does all of her teaching online, Ms. Achterhof can handle many more courses, at many more colleges, than she could face to face. She is an adjunct professor of business and management at four institutions, in three states, moving among her teaching duties with the click of a mouse while her black Labrador lies curled at her feet. She hardly ever sees a campus, spending much of her time at home here in a 100-year-old cottage next to a small lake. —Dan Carnevale
Part-time professors, in demand, fill many distance-education faculties (Chronicle)

Interesting… “Carnevale” means “farewell to the flesh.”

My last two classes talked me into holding class outside today. There wasn’t much we could really accomplish, especially during the evening class (which was supposed to run until a few minutes ago, but I let ’em out a half hour early — sshh, don’t tell my boss). Last term I started a ritual of snapping a picture of my class on the last day… I’m not sure what it accomplishes, but it gives a good sense of closure. (It never feels right saying good-bye to a class when I’m about to hand out the final exam.)

Almost done…