Espen Aarseth Responds [to Murray's First Person essay]

While there might be a future for narrative and new forms of storytelling in this cornucopia of new digital and cultural formats, the largest potential seems to be in new types of games, forms that blend the social and the aesthetic in creative ways and on an unprecedented scale. As a new generation of gamers grows up, the word ?game? will no longer be as tainted as it is today. Then euphemisms such as ?story-puzzles? and ?interactors? will no longer be necessary. Games will be games and gamers will be gamers. Storytelling, on the other hand, still seems eminently suited to sequential formats such as books, films and e-mails, and might not be in need of structural rejuvenation after all. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? —Espen AarsethEspen Aarseth Responds [to Murray’s First Person essay] (Electronic Book Review)

Aarseth responds to an essay by Janet Murray in the Electonic Book Review’s remediation of First Person. Murray responds to Aarseth).

I wish this online collection hadn’t appeared in the very week when I so desperately seek distractions to help me put off marking huge stacks of papers.