Amanda Reflects on Year One at Seton Hill

I remember people saying that I would miss high school so much when I left. They were wrong in my case. I don’t miss it.

I didn’t belong there–I never did, but I can say that I belong at Seton Hill. I have loved every moment, learning not only from books and blogs, but from people–faculty and friends alike. Somewhere along the way, I discovered that my place is here. The squirrels, planners, disks, Diamond Age “discussions”, blogging, heart-to-hearts with pals, hugs that you desperately need, laughing until your sides ache and your eyes get drippy–adding one more line to Karissa’s list of funny quotes, comments that make your blood pressure rise in anger at the Paul, Michael or Puff that wants to see you get spitting mad. Every day was an adventure. I wanted to come. I didn’t want to miss class (even when I accidentally did). —Amanda Reflects on Year One at Seton Hill (New Media Journalism @ Seton Hill University)

Wow… it sure looks like we are doing something right here at SHU! Since I still have stacks of papers to grade, I’m not quite into the sentimental memories of my first year yet, but when I get there, I’ll certainly re-read this entry.

And while I’m feeling warm fuzzies about the success of blogging at SHU, I’d welcome your thoughts about taking the good with the bad and ugly. (The student’s blogging is fine — it’s the juvenile, offensive language in the comments I’m talking about.)