The Benefits of Eavesdropping

I listen in part because I am intrigued and seduced by what I don’t know: by the Greek tragedies I will never have time to read, by the symphonies I will never have time to appreciate, by the questions I will never have enough philosophical training to ask or understand in their richest contexts.

Like many of my colleagues, I often dream about sitting in on courses that spark my curiosity. Just about every semester I toy with the idea of taking an introductory piano course, or brushing up on my Spanish or French. I have even spoken idly of shedding my responsibilities and pursuing whole new degrees, maybe in zoology or art history or anthropology. —James M. Lang

The Benefits of Eavesdropping (Chronicle)

It’s not so much the content of this essay that moved me to blog it. It’s also really, really good writing… and as I see the light at the end of the grading tunnel, and contemplate my plans for next term, I really appreciate this reminder of how exciting teaching can be.