Show me the money!

MT has become crippleware, and *expensive* crippleware! No one is happy about it, and I only wonder what Six Apart were thinking when they did this.


I find it difficult to believe that Six Apart have done this … after the history of offering a fully featured free version, I suspected that they may have a more featured pay version, but not a limited, restricted release. The present free version, limited to one author and three blogs is great, fine, and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s needs it fits, but it doesn’t fit mine.

I’m actually quite appaled by this move. I’ve been watching the alpha, and beta forums and blogs, I’ve reported bugs etc, and not once did I see this coming.

The community is in uproar right now, I can only imagine the droves of people who will abandon MT now. I’m sticking with this, fully featured, non crippled beta for a while, it does what I need, but eventually, I may have to leave for something else. —Show me the money! (

Oh, crap. This doesn’t look good…

Previously educational versions had been free, but now educators are invited to contact the company for discounted pricing.

I don’t begrudge a company trying to make money from its software, but I certainly hope the pricing is reasonable.

It’s rather amusing that MoveableType’s own “trackback” innovation shows how many bloggers are unhappy with the announcement on the MoveableType website.