The role of play

These games aren’t much fun to play, even if you are a Bush supporter. Nevertheless, it’s significant that a major political party now sees games as a useful campaigning tool. Presumably, the RNC thinks Tax Invaders will get Bush’s economic policy across to “the kids”. But it’s hard to say for certain because, so far, the RNC has not talked about the games to the press and they didn’t respond…



WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. What a mouthful. More simply, WordPress is what you use when you want to work with your software, not fight it. —WordPress Well, that’s enough MT freakout for today. Still waiting to hear back form SixApart.


Remix etc.

Here‘sthe dilemma and confusion. Asking students to conform to a print based logic in an electronic world is not teaching anyone to think on one‘sown. Indeed, this kind of pedagogy translates into a continual academic stubbornness, a refusal to recognize the communication shifts we have experienced and are experiencing currently. Telling students to write according to the logic of print (whether the writing is on paper or not — I…

Re:Good example of why open source != free

mmmmmmm Free beer….. GULP GULP GULP.. mmm MORE free beer GULP GULP GULP… (footstep) (footstep) (footstep) “HEY! stop blocking the bathroom door man, i gotta pee… What do you mean its $25 to use the bathroom!!! This is an OUTRAGE!!!” —Re:Good example of why open source != free (Slashdot) Movable Type isn’t an open source product, but this is an interesting comment attached to discussion of the Movable Type pricing change.


Blog Outage Coming (Really)

Last night I got word from our ISP that will be down sometime this weekend. The reason is that the physical machine on which our blogs reside is being transferred from one owner to the other. The new owner plans to continue service as usual, so if all goes well, your blogging pleasures will be briefly interrupted, but should continue as usual. I’m backing up the site in another…