Shyness and Academe

Students might be surprised to know how nervous some experienced teachers can be at the prospect of a new class. I have taught at least 40 classes, but I still find teaching stressful, particularly after the summer break or a sabbatical. As the first day approaches, I’ll begin to worry: Will my voice tremble? Will I sweat profusely? Will I forget my lesson plan? Will I lose their confidence right away? —“Thomas H. Benton”Shyness and Academe (Chronicle)

Blogging something like this during the school year seems just too confessional. I know some of my students are still reading my blog even though classes are out, or my future students might find this post in my archives.

My teaching persona is extroverted, and I am generally extroverted with my family, but in a social context, I’m an introvert. That’s not exactly the same thing as being shy, of course.

I did attend three Seton Hill parties in four days last week (and managed to drag my wife along to two of them, thanks to my wonderful parents, who came up to babysit for us).