Fla. Woman, 90, Receives H.S. Diploma

She now has 81 grandchildren and great-grandchildren to hear her schoolgirl tales, but the end of the story always troubled her. So after outliving three husbands and letting seven decades pass since her last high school class, Babson decided it was time to go back to school. —Jill Barton —Fla. Woman, 90, Receives H.S. Diploma (MyWay/AP) Great suggestion, Rosemary.

Did Rumsfeld ban Iraq camera phones?

As Peter Rojas points out in Engadget, it was not actually a mainstream news source which first reported Rumsfeld as saying: “To protect the Iraqi prisoners from any future abuses; any digital cameras, camcorders, or cell phones with cameras are strictly prohibited anywhere in any military compound in Iraq.” That statement was actually a satirical story from The Daily Farce. Now, a series of other reports and comments have followed,…

Hot Type: Thumbing His Nose at Academe, a Scholar Tries to Auction His Services

In a society devoted to “reality shows” and rampant commodification, it had to happen some time. Late last month an independent scientist auctioned off his services as a co-author on eBay, with the promise of helping the highest bidder write a scientific paper for publication. The offer even had the added allure of a linkage with the legendary mathematician Paul Erdös. —Richard Monastersky —Hot Type: Thumbing His Nose at Academe,…


It's a Matter of Perspective

The perception and use of an avatar – as the primary means of agency in online environments – might be expected to be shaped by the motivations for participating in the environment. In particular, goal-oriented users may be more likely to treat avatars as tools/pawns to achieve goals, thereby encouraging a preference for 3PP that objectifies and externalizes the avatar, whereas relationship-oriented users may be more likely to treat avatars…