Naïve Teacher Believes In Her Students

“Teenagers need to be engaged as equals, not talked down to,” Niles said, scrubbing the words “Miss Niles is a kunt” from the surface of her desk. “A heavy-handed approach takes the joy out of learning. Some teachers give out detention, but I praise my students for the times they don’t skip class, rather than dwell on the days they do.” A recent graduate of the George Washington University education…

Good news! You can go home again

Yes, graduates, as much as you love your Mom and Dad, you’re realistic enough to understand, deep down inside, that they are the two most annoying human beings on the planet. And so the time will come — I give it six weeks — when you realize that you can no longer continue living with them. And so you will summon your courage, take a deep breath, and ask them…

HHGG Interview with Myself

“When Zaphod first comes out of the temple and is approached by well wishers, the banana alien on the mole-horse needs to replace the multi-headed groupie.” You just don’t get notes like this every day. —Kerry Kirkpatrick —HHGG Interview with Myself  (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy [Official Blog])