Six Apart announces more changes to Movable Type license

As an example of the new pricing plan, suppose you posted an entry to your blog reading, ?I had a cheese sandwich for lunch today. Then, I got behind the slowest woman in the grocery-store line! Grrrr!? By my count (TypeKey will handle the sentence diagramming automatically in MT3.0014d), this entry contains 6 adjectives/adverbs, 4 nouns, 3 articles, 2 passive verbs, 2 pronouns, 2 prepositions, and 1 interjection. Therefore, under the new license, your entry would cost a grand total of 84¢ no matter how many blogs or authors you have! Now, that‘snot so bad, is it? —Six Apart announces more changes to Movable Type license (Apropos of Something)

Don’t worry, it’s just a joke.