Six Apart announces more changes to Movable Type license

As an example of the new pricing plan, suppose you posted an entry to your blog reading, ?I had a cheese sandwich for lunch today. Then, I got behind the slowest woman in the grocery-store line! Grrrr!? By my count (TypeKey will handle the sentence diagramming automatically in MT3.0014d), this entry contains 6 adjectives/adverbs, 4 nouns, 3 articles, 2 passive verbs, 2 pronouns, 2 prepositions, and 1 interjection. Therefore, under the new license, your entry would cost a grand total of 84ยข no matter how many blogs or authors you have! Now, that‘snot so bad, is it? —Six Apart announces more changes to Movable Type license (Apropos of Something)

Don’t worry, it’s just a joke.