NU football program fell short, Dukes says

“I was treated like a god,” the former Nebraska quarterback says. “I had pretty much everything given to me out there from the start. | “I never thought I had to work for anything. It was pretty much understood, ‘Hey this kid is going to take over the program.’ I don’t like things given to me. I like to work.” —NU football program fell short, Dukes says (

A Nebraska quarterback transferred to Duke, where he still plays football, but feels better about the pre-med education he’s receiving.

I subscribe to a Google News alert, which sends me an e-mail every time the words “Seton Hill University” appear in a news story. I’m getting a steady trickle of announcements that so and so from such and such a hometown will be attending Seton Hill. It’s funny that these are almost all being published in the sports pages.

Are we as a society that disinterested in the future careers of the budding writers, artists, philosophers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and scientists? Of course, athletic scholarships can help to produce any one of these professions.