Taking Copyfighters to Task

To paraphrase Matt Barton‘s hyperbolic words playfully, let’s remove our lips from the poisoned suckbottle of proprietary software and switch to the wholesome breast of open source. —Clancy Ratliff
Taking Copyfighters to Task (CultureCat)

Beware, open-source activists, if your praxis is not as pure as your theory!

In the theater world, it turned out that the Marxist ideology was pretty much incompatible with modern theater — the Marxist protagonist has to be spotless, blameless, and involved in no personal struggles or inner conflicts that cannot be resolved by the embracement of socialist doctrine.

The attention that Marxist purists spent keeping Marxist-friendly dramatists in line alienated some of the best playwrights, since even the ones that were most interested in Marxism were also interested in creating viable theatre, rather than pamphlets.

At any rate, my analogy isn’t meant to be taken too far. I think “poisoned suckbottle” is a meme worth repeating. Well done, Clancy!