Interview twists, turns

Some interviewers have been known to call job seekers at home and pose as telemarketers to gauge how those candidates react. Are they rude? Do they yell? Or are they polite but insistent that they don’t want to purchase anything?

How a candidate deals with an annoying telemarketing call tells the company something about how you would deal with an annoying client.

One of Lance’s favorite behavior tests is to drop her pen at some point during the interview and see how the candidate reacts. She makes sure to drop it an equal distance from herself and the job seeker.

“When they are telling you that they are customer-oriented and you drop your pen and they don’t notice or they don’t pick it up, it’s a disconnect between how they are and what they are saying,” she said. —J. D. BurroughInterview twists, turns (AZ Central)

Interesting… in Death of a Salesman, when Willy is coaching his son Biff about what he imagines will be a life-changing business appointment, Willy says if something drops off the boss’s desk, don’t pick it up — they have office boys for that sort of thing. Willy probably would have failed many other tests, too.