The Death of Lincoln

Men and papers who had opposed his policy and vilified him personally, now vied with his adherents and friends in lauding the rare wisdom and goodness which marked his conduct and character. —The Death of Lincoln (Harper’s) From an 1865 article.

President Reagan Changed Me

Alzheimer’s had done what many feminist leaders fantasized about doing themselves, if only they could get away with it. Today, I am still pro-choice, and I still support fetal tissue research. But I now realize that those who disagree with me also have good points. I hope they reflect on their position as often as I do on mine, because both camps are on the razor’s edge. I have made…

This is School?

This is a school with no set hours, no required classes, no grades, no parent-teacher meetings, and no rules except for the ones the people here make up and vote on themselves. It’s a school where youngsters have a say on everything – from whether sipping soda should be allowed in the sound-proofed music room to which staff should be fired at the end of the year. —Danna Harman —This…

Microsoft patents an apple

Microsoft, amid an IP spree that has won the company patent protection for everything from XML dialects to video game storage methods, mistakenly received a patent on Tuesday for a new variety of apple tree. —Microsoft patents an apple (ZD Net) Hooray for ZDNet for not using the alarmist headline, “Microsoft Receives Patent for Apple”. This is apparently a story about a clerical error.


Q&A: Cyber cops for children's chat rooms

The National Crime Squad announced today that it is working with the FBI, the Canadian Mounties and the Australian Federal Police to set up what they call “patrols” on the internet. Officers will actively monitor chat rooms used by children where they think paedophiles are likely to be. A logo will come up in the corner of the screen to show that the police are present – the National Crime…