Net games lure 'bored housewives'

While hardcore online gaming remains the preserve of young men, research firm Screen Digest found that “bored housewives” are fuelling the growth of other games offered on the net. —Net games lure ‘bored housewives’ (BBC)

It’s not clear from the article whether the term “bored housewife” is used in the report, or whether it was just a joke made by report co-author Nick Gibson.

See a good reflection from Ian Bogost on Water Cooler Games:

This is a very dangerous kind of thing to say, and it suggests that even researchers who seek to expose the viability of online games don’t take them seriously. As I have argued before here on WCG (1, 2, 3) the reasons women play casual games seem complex, deliberate, and worthy of both serious study and respect. Joking about “bored housewives” is a pretty dismissive and derogatory way of treating both the players and the market. What a foolish thing to do.