What If… There Were No IF? An Alternative History of Games, sans Crowther's Colossal Cave

What If… There Were No IF? An Alternative History of Games, sans Crowther’s Colossal Cave (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog) During a break in the Princeton video game conference a few months ago, David Thomas asked me, what would computer games be like today if Will Crowther hadn’t created Colossal Cave Adventure? I pulled Nick Montfort into the brief discussion that followed, but then the next panel started, and the topic went onto…

Birds Learn to Operate Automatic Doors

They circle in front of the motion detector, the doors open, and the birds fly through and take lunch up to the kids that are nesting in the building. Then it’s back to the door, buzz by the motion detector — and fly through again to hunt for more food. —Birds Learn to Operate Automatic Doors (WABC-New York) Update: In Virginia, it was a bear. In other news, dolphins evolve opposable…

Apollo moon rocket to get face-lift

The 363-foot-long behemoth has lain on its side in front of JSC since 1977, a favorite sight of tourists, but also a victim of the elements. —Apollo moon rocket to get face-lift (CNN) The Houston Space Center was one of the places I visited on my honeymoon (10 years ago next month). If I recall correctly, there was a shuttle mission in progress. Very cool!