Low Taxes Do What?

Those who complain loudly about how many jobs have been “exported” to other countries because of international free trade totally ignore all the jobs that have been imported to the American economy because of that same free trade. Siemens alone employs tens of thousands of American workers, and Toyota has already produced its ten millionth car in the United States. —Thomas Sowell —Low Taxes Do What? (Hoover Digest) I’d never considered…

Spirit Finds Hematite; Opportunity Discovers Signs of More Water

Spirit has begun to negotiate her way up into the Columbia Hills where she has encountered a strange rock called Pot of God that she found contains hematite, something that may well lead to the discovery of past water there. On the other side of the planet, Opportunity has continued her descent into Endurance Crater and is now investigating some intriguing rock layers that are already expanding the water story…


Latrobe men admit setting apartment building fire

On his way into District Justice Mark Bilik’s office, Harris, wearing a “Flamehead USA” T-shirt, told reporters “Yes, I did,” when asked if he set the fire. —Jason Lesher —Latrobe men admit setting apartment building fire (Tribune Review) Note to self… if ever going anywhere near someone involved in the investigation of an arson case, change out of “Flamehead USA” T-shirt before speaking to the media.