Sewage World

This site is a listing of Water and Waste-Water Plants throughout North America and some of all around the world, that will give you a tour of their facilities. Enjoy!

If you notice any link that does not connect, please send me a quick email with the name of the city for which the link does not work. This will be much easier than if I go and check every link every day! If you know of, or are from, a town that does not have their site in our index, email us and give us what name and link you want. I will then ADD YOUR URL to SEWAGE WORLD.Sewage World

My six-year-old son loves water treatment plants. To paraphrase a line that Harvey Korman said on a spoof of “Jaws” from the Carol Burnett show, he was born with sewage in his blood.

I owe it all to Richard Scarry‘s What Do People Do All Day, a classic book that I myself loved as a kid. (I’m pretty sure the abridged edition, which is the only one you can still buy in stores, doesn’t include either the water treament plant or the coal mine — the two coolest sequences.)