More Weblogs are turning a profit

Webloggers are turning a profit, sometimes unexpectedly, reports the Chicago Tribune Online. Blogs such as TalkingPointsMemo, Wonkette, and RightWingNews are securing enough advertising to turn a profit. A firm called Blogads has been connecting advertisers with bloggers and enabling them to reach an 18 to 34-year-old demographic that is dwindling from traditional media outlets. Recent surveys conducted independently by Blogads and TalkingPointsMemo finds Web logs reach an affluent audience. Blog ads are also much cheaper than the cost of those on major sites or search engines. “In my experience, and this is often attributed to a smaller and more targeted audience, ads on blogs and smaller niche sites tend to perform better,” says Carlo Alvarez, director of media planning at Special Ops Media. —More Weblogs are turning a profit (Online Journalism Review)