Cursing on cell phone starts bagel-shop bruhaha

Bill Stevenson, 79, and Sten Gerfast, 74, both retired 3M employees, were eating at the Sun Ray Shopping Center Bruegger’s Bagels when they heard a man cursing loudly on his cell phone, they said Friday.

“You know, there were about 15 people in there and some children and this person, if he stood in the corner and talked in his cell phone, that would be one thing, but he actually walked among the tables, pacing and talking loudly and you could tell he annoyed a lot of people,” said Gerfast, of Mendota Heights.

After hearing the obscenities, Gerfast said he approached the man and said, “Would you mind, sir, to go outside and take your call?”

He was met with a round of obscenities, according to a police report, that would have made Vice President Dick Cheney blush. —Mara H. GottfriedCursing on cell phone starts bagel-shop bruhaha (Duluth News Tribune)