Game with God

“Games that treat religion realistically, weaving it into the game as it is woven into people’s lives, can provide a richer and more realistic simulation,” says Destination Games founder and Ultima creator Richard Garriott. “Spirituality lends the game world credibility and completeness. The search for meaning in life is universal, and a shallower life of conflict and treasure collecting will never match the strength of a game that includes ethical or spiritual underpinnings.”

While religion and spirituality add a lot to a game world, they often aren’t used effectively. “I don’t think there are any games that treat religion at anything more than a superficial level,” says Firaxis founder, and Civilization creator Sid Meier. While PopTop Software’s Phil Steinmeyer agrees, noting that “Religion is ignored in gaming, or if it is portrayed, it’s wildly caricatured.” —Andrew S. BubGame with God (Gamer Dad)