Vatican Sets Up Sports Department

John Paul wants to make “the Holy See’s solicitude felt in the world of sports,” the Vatican said.

The pontiff has given the weeks-old department its marching orders. Among the directives, the Vatican said, is fostering a “sports culture which promotes a vision of sports activity as a means of integral personal growth and as an instrument in the service of peace and brotherhood among peoples.”

Lixey said the Church and Sports department was in its fledgling stages, but he indicated it would have a broad sweep, ranging from contacts with institutions like the international soccer federation and Olympic committees to local parishes.

Vatican Sets Up Sports Department (Newsday)

I teach at a Catholic university that was until recently a women’s college, and will be starting a football team this fall. I’m not exactly a sports fan, but this story is blogworthy because it calls to mind the fact that the vast majority of people who enjoy sports do not behave like the spoiled brats who make the headlines.

When the Vatican Videogame Department opens, sign me up.