Muppet greetings fail to fire up staff

One member of staff, who did not want to be named, said: “East Kilbride managers were at a training day when it was announced they would replace good morning with Mahna Mahna.

“The staff had just returned from lunch and all the managers were in a training room, sitting in a semi-circle and looking really pleased with themselves. Then one of them blurted out ‘Mahna Mahna’ at us without warning. We just stared blankly back at them.

“Then another manager repeated the phrase, and asked what our first reaction was when we heard it. When someone mumbled back ‘do doo be-do-do’, they all burst out laughing and were nodding at each other, saying, ‘Told you so’.”

The new store will open in December employing 250 staff. —Muppet greetings fail to fire up staff  (Scotsman)

When I first saw this, I misread that last line as “annoying 250 staff.”