Teaching with Blogs

[E]ach student blog was given a set of categories. If students had already had blogs before class began, these categories could have been added to their existing blogs:

  • ewriting: agenda item – outside reading
  • ewriting: agenda item – student assignment(s)
  • ewriting: assignment submission
  • ewriting: general discussion / announcement
  • non-ewriting (for students who did not create other categories)

…an aggregator (Blagg) was used to pull category-specific RSS feeds from each of the student blogs, and my faculty blog. (My faculty blog had a category for ?ewriting: assignments? as well as the ?general discussion / announcement? category.) Then we created a blog that displayed all the class‘sblog posts in that category in one place. —Noah Wardrip-FruinTeaching with Blogs (Grand Text Auto)

I left some comments on Grand Text Auto.