The Art of Blogging (Horace and St. Paul)

Each post is like DNA. It carries the core of your self-hood. Never commit to the web any remark, about the goat cheese you had served to you by your comely slave, or how the grape arbor was pruned on your Sabine Farm, or how you fell off your horse, or what Pippa drew on brown paper, without considering it from within the matrix of Author/Reader, Fool/Knave, Apparent Audience/Intended Audience. Create for each post a tacit occasion, no less than did St Paul in his Epistles. And let your blog, over time, be like a Bildungsroman, the story of your gradual awakening from Dunce to Artist. Let it be a series of Parables addressed, as in St. Mark, by the Saved to the Saved, in the presence of the Damned. Let the parables be dark to the Damned, that they might burn forever and ever in hell, as God in his Infinite Goodness requires so that we might look down with Him from Heaven and gloat, like Anne Coulter to whom my work, as Fool or Knave, is meant as homage in a spirit of mutual respect. The Happy TutorThe Art of Blogging (Horace and St. Paul) (The Happy Tutor)

Via vitia.