Impact of blogs seen as slight

Somerby’s comments would seem like blasphemy in the so-called “blogosphere,” but many online writers and observers agree that blogs, with a handful of exceptions, have had virtually no impact on the national conversation, mainstream media coverage of politics or large, orchestrated events like the parties’ quadrennial nominating conventions. —Kevin Canfield —Impact of blogs seen as slight (The Journal News)


Scotty Says Goodbye

“Beam Me Up Scotty…One Last Time” is the quite-serious title to a three-day event at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel billed as a farewell to the actor who, as fiery Montgomery Scott, ran the U.S.S. Enterprise’s engineering deck on Trek’s 1966-69 flagship series and six big-screen adventures. —Joal Ryan —Scotty Says Goodbye (E! Online) I managed to work a reference to Scotty into my dissertation. He was my favorite Trek character, and…

Social Studies

British university students spend nearly three times as much on drink as they spend on books, according to a survey by the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is compiling a student-living index. —Social Studies (Globe and Mail) Part of a cornucopia of minutia, pointed out by Katja.