Climate: Media's Balance Tips To Bias

Two researchers argue, in a paper published this month in the journal Global Environmental Change, that following the norms of American journalism, U.S. media have promulgated a bias in the coverage of climate change essentially by giving too much credence to climate skeptics at the expense of the scientific consensus.

Climate: Media’s Balance Tips To Bias (SpaceDaily|UPI)

I don’t know where the quotation marks went in this online copy of the article. I wasn’t able to find a linkable copy of the text of this article online, but I hope I can introduce build a unit on this case, the next time I teach journalism.

Reporters do like a controversy, which means they are naturally going to seek out and report on any disagreement within the scientific community. Since I’ve given some blogspace to environmental skeptics and to articles about one-sided media reporting in the past, it’s only fair that I present this article too.

I didn’t even blog the reports that the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence project had encountered a signal from aliens, since the article that started the speculation spent far more time investigating the possibility that the signal was a hoax or a phantom created by an object near the radio antenna that detected it. It would be an exaggeration to title that story with a headline such as “Researchers may have found alien signals.”