LCC professors explore weblogging in English classes

The popular online pastime known as blogging has found its way into the English classrooms at Georgia Tech.

In an innovative approach, Dr. Charles Tryon and Dr. Doreen Piano have both integrated blogging into their English 1101 classes this semester for the first time. —Jeff Wei

LCC professors explore weblogging in English classes (Technique)

I’m afraid I don’t know what “LCC” means in the headline of this article.

As a side note, I’m intrigued by the design of the paper…. it formats the page according to the size of your browser window. It’s cool to see, but I’m not sure it’s useful. What if I want to send a link to something that’s on page 2 of the article as I view it, but your browser window puts that text on page 3? That kind of uncertainty would keep me from linking to specific sections.

Article found via Scribblingwoman.