Serious Games Summit Registration Confirmation

You are now registered for Serious Games Summit at the Loews L’Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC on October 18-19, 2004. Serious Games Summit Registration Confirmation (Serious Games Summit)

The Seton Hill administration came up with most of the cost of registering for the conference, which was very generous, since I’m not presenting a paper.

My boss agreed to a plan to sqeeze a little more out of another source. My parents came up with a place for me to stay and offered to send me gas money.

When I saw the $25 discount code publicized on Water Cooler Games, that clinched it — I can make it.

Still rejoicing in the $25 I had just saved, I was very amused by the drop-down list that asked me, “What is your budget for your current game/simulation project(s)?” The first answer was “$12 million or more” and the last one was “$0 to $100K”.

I selected “$0 to $100K,” which is accurate.

(I will be teaching a course on computer game culture and theory, so this conference isn’t just a joyride.)