Teacher In Trouble For Ripping Bible

An Idaho English teacher is in trouble for ripping up a Bible in class.

Burley High’s Karen Christenson said she was trying to illustrate a point about censorship, as her sophomore students read Ray Bradbury’s novel “Fahrenheit 451,” which is set in a future society that commands all literature be burned. —Teacher In Trouble For Ripping Bible

I once did a scene from Dr. Faustus for a drama survey course. I did the same scene two or three different times, to demonstrate how a different acting style could bring out different themes.

At any rate, at one point, I threw a “Bible” across the room. But I immediately picked it up and showed them it was just a prop — an ordinary book with a cross on the cover. I managed to make the point.

Maybe Christenson ripped her bible on the spur of the moment… but with a little planning, she could have made her point without risking offense.

Thanks for the e-mail, Josh.