^ [Kirschenbaum's Blogrolling Outage Lament]

Blogrolling‘sgone dark and the blogrolls lie limp, no shuffle and bustle as busy blogs hustle their way to the head of the queue.

Gone too are the diacriticals, small, precious marks of individualization, the QWERTY electron bursts that celebrate fresh activity, new life?our SETI receivers. Brackets and parentheses, asterisks and exclamations, plusses and minuses and equals and other arithmetic operators, all gone as we soldier on with our invisible speech. Here‘smy mark, Ill make it in its absence: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

There. But will anybody read this now? —Matthew G. Kirschenbaum^ [Kirschenbaum’s Blogrolling Outage Lament] (MGK)

I don’t use the Blogrolling service on my own site, but Matt’s is one of the sites whose blogrolls I consult to help guide my surfing activity.