Tim Russert's Electronic Whiteboard

Tim Russert’s Electronic Whiteboard (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

“Florida, Florida, Florida,” wrote Tim Russert on his famous whiteboard during the 2000 presidential election.

Russert has levelled up to a fancy schmancy digital whiteboard. He filled up the columns with data in red and blue, which was a nice touch, but the displays seemed more static than I remembered them from 2000. Back in the day, Russert had several different whiteboards, which gave the illusion that he was scribbling very rapid changes.

This time around, it seems that Russert felt he had put so much work into creating the one page with the red and blue column, that he didn’t want to change it much. I watched NBC from about 11am until the wee hours of the morning (I drifted off for a while as dawn approached), and although he said “Ohio, Ohio, Ohio,” at one point, I didn’t see him write it.

I seem to recall that one of Russert’s Election 2000 whiteboards is preserved in a museum somewhere. While his digital tablet is very cool, I think it was underused. Still, whoever managed to get it on camera tonight is probably going to be very happy about the sales it generates.

Update: See a photo on Engaget