Out of site

Many people come here, just as many people seek out the stage, because they know it is a place where they won’t have to grow up too quickly, where the fickleness and irresponsibility of youth are a way of life. Pasts and past relationships are shed like so much old luggage. The unspoken, winking conviction among the nubile ingenues and underwear models who sprout from the hot pavement like whack-a-moles is that fidelity is cute but impracticable. (Note that while many romantic comedies come out of Hollywood, none take place here.) And in the city that first brought you silicon, the commingling of technology and romance has always been encouraged. —Out of site  (Guardian)

I started reading this article because the lead mentioned how actors use the Internet Movie Data Base to size up potential dates. But I kept reading because of the writing. Enjoy a high-tech look at romance in Tinseltown.