Lights Out: Can contact sports lower your intelligence?

They reported that the more someone heads a soccer ball, the lower that player will score on tests measuring attention, concentration, and general intellectual functioning. Lezak is unsurprised. “I know what happens when you bat on the brain,” she says. “Given what we know about boxing, it would have been surprising if we hadn’t found anything. In soccer, people are punishing themselves in much the same way boxers do.” —Barry YeomanLights Out: Can contact sports lower your intelligence? (Discover)

Yaah! My six-year-old son wants to play soccer this spring. He wanted to do it last spring, but he injured his foot while on vacation, and practices started before we knew how serioulsy (not very, as it turned out).

Hmm… we just started a swim class. Maybe I can subtly encourage him there… but then there are those pesky diving boards that can smack you on the back of the head on the way down.

Oh the conflicts of parenthood!