This Ain’t No American Phone Booth

“You are standing in the middle of a pretty town square in the center of a nondescript English town. Like most any other non-descript English towns, there’s not much to see or do here, but maybe you’ll find something amusing and enjoyable to do.

A shiny metal phone booth sits in the center of the square.” — Moira RichardsonThis Ain’t No American Phone Booth (Join This Cult)

My Writing for the Internet student Moira Richardson presented this as her final project today. It was inspired by “Pick up the Phone Booth and Die,” a silly but legendary work of interactive fiction that I find very useful for introducing the concept of command-line cybertext.

Moira informed the class that, embedded within this hypertext, is a hidden link that leads to yet another work of literary hypertext (it’s a collage of images and text relating to roses). The rose project itself would have fulfilled the assignment requirements…

I couldn’t keep myself from interrupting Moira’s presentation to blather praise to the effect that she has not only written an amusing postmodern work of literary hypertext, she has also built not only the picture frame, but the wing of the museum where it is housed.

I’ll post a link to all the other student projects once I’ve assembled an index. Meanwhile, I also recommend Chris Ulicne’s IF game “Elementia” (playable via a web browser). It’s very short but polished. I wasn’t able to spend much time teaching Inform (the programming language I use for text adventure games) in this class, so Chris learned quite a lot on his own.