Writing for the Internet: Independent Study Fall 2004

During the fall semester of 2004, I drew from my previous experiences in Writing for the Web with Dr. Jerz from the Fall 2003 semester. The class has changed, and so has my perception of what writing for an internet audience entails.

This section assesses what I have learned working with the class, as both a student learning new concepts that were implemented this year, and as an instructor, drawing from my freshman experience in Writing for the Web with Dennis G. Jerz. —Amanda CochranWriting for the Internet: Independent Study Fall 2004 (Girl Meets World)

I’m very proud of Amanda’s work. She’s been in more than half of the classes I’ve taught at Seton Hill, including the version of “Writing for the Internet” that I taught last year.

I’ve been carefully ramping up my expectations for Amanda with each encounter. She continues to prove that she’s up to the challenge.

More links to Writing for the Internet student projects coming soon…